cropped-TCBR-Toast.jpgTom and Tim Schantz at the completion of their 1986 Transcontinental Bicycle Ride

The Schantz Brothers Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization initially established after the death of brother Timothy at the all-too-young age of 36 in 2001 due to sudden cardiac arrest.  Brother Tom fought his genetic propensity for cardiac disease until the age of 48 when he too suffered a fatal heart attack in 2014.  Both young men died in Alaska, Tim while guiding a birding tour to the Alaskan village of Gambell and Tom while skiing with his family at Alyeska.  Both brothers shared a passion for all things Alaskan with a special love for the birdlife of the great land.  Family and Friends of the Schantz twins have established this memorial foundation to encourage the passionate study of birds and birdlife as a way to honor the passion for both Alaska and birds shared by these brothers.  Accordingly, the foundation awards a trip to the Kackemak Bay Shorebird Festival every calendar year.  For more information on how to apply visit the application section.  For bios on past recipients please visit the Recipients Page.